White Fragility

Rule #15: Black lives matter. (part 2 of 2)

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How has the killing of Michael Brown Jr. impacted you? All I could do was stare at this question. I was with Chris at Greater St. Mark Family Church, the eve of the five year anniversary of Mike Brown’s killing in Ferguson, MO. We were attending a St. Louis Public Radio storytelling event, #LivingFerguson. Persons

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Rule #14: Snacks are for the weak, not for me.

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Ok. Snacks are not just for the weak. Snacks are for everyone. But one Saturday morning while watching tv with the girls, I asked BW if she wanted a snack. Her response? “Snacks are for the weak, not for me.” I’ve loved that line ever since. Before we became the Willard Family of Five, I

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