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Rule #10: I love you. You are so perfect for me.

Sometimes kids surprise you, am I right? My three girls surprise me all the time. When BW wrote a poem about love, I was more than surprised.

The surprise occurred the day before my parents came to visit us. My parents live a few hundred miles away. Although we do not see them as often as we would like, our summer schedules allow us to visit each other more often.

Before my parents arrived at our house on a recent visit, BW decided to draw pictures for Grammy and Grampy. This was nothing new. She loves drawing pictures. In fact, she draws pictures so often for my parents that she has snail mailed them a few of her masterpieces.

The surprise happened while BW was drawing.

BW looked up from drawing pictures and said, “Mommy, I want to write a poem for Grammy.” I told BW that Grammy would love a poem from her. After thinking about the poem, BW decided that the poem would be for both Grammy and Grampy. She quickly got to work and wrote this poem about her love for her grandparents.

I Love You by BW

I love you.  
Oh I love you.
You are so perfect
for me.
Oh I love you. 
You are so right
for me.
You twinkle like 
a moon beam.
You twinkle like
a special you.
You are my love. 
So I love you
no matter what
you do for me.
You will be 
my special one.
I love you.

As I wrote down the poem as Billie dictated it, I couldn’t help but cry. The poem is beautiful in and of itself. But there is so much more beauty than simply the words BW wrote. BW’s love truly has to be earned. She does not freely trust people. She does not offer up an “I love you” every time she is told those words.

Yet here she was, writing a beautiful love poem for her grandparents. She was freely sharing about her love for Grammy and Grampy. Plus, she was using metaphors, eloquently describing love, and using a vocal cadence I had never heard from her before.

Perhaps I’m biased, but BW’s poem for Grammy and Grampy may just be the most beautiful love poem ever written.

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