Rule #28: Be kind to everyone. You never know who just lost an argument with a threenager.

10 signs you’re living with a threenager

Y’all. I have lost numerous arguments with my threenager. At this point, why even bother? With her attitude, stubbornness and defiance, I have met my match. So I greatly appreciate the grace and kindness that I’m given, especially when I’ve had one of those days.

How did this happen? I mean, I thought you were supposed to experience either the terrible twos or the threenage years. Not both. And yet, we went through the terrible twos with SW. “No” was and is her favorite word. She was stubborn and miss independent. I can vividly recall going out to lunch with a mom who has a young child, and she asked me if SW was a threenager. I was very adamant that SW went through the terrible twos so she probably wouldn’t be a threenager.

Then God laughed and put me in my place. Apparently a child can go through BOTH the terrible twos and be a threenager. And that’s exactly what has happened to SW.

So how do you know that your three year old is actually a threenager? Here are just a few signs to look for:

10 signs you’re living with a threenager

1. Dinner takes over an hour. Eating a sandwich takes over an hour. Just eating one grape takes over an hour.

10 signs you're living with a threenager

2. Somehow your three year old got their driver’s license overnight and instructs you how to drive. As soon as that light turns green, they’re yelling, “Gooooooooo!”

10 signs you're living with a threenager

3. They have to start putting on their shoes, coat, or whatever they need to leave the house an hour ahead of time. Otherwise, they make you late for everything. Because not only do they have to do everything on their own, they’re not motivated to do anything quickly.

10 signs you're living with a threenager

4. Every day you hear the phrase, “No mommy/daddy. You’re in time out.”

5. Your threenager became a fashionista overnight and has opinions on all things fashion.

6. Actually, your threenager has a strong opinion on all things in life. All.The.Things.

7. Everything must be in threes. I mean, your child is three after all.

It takes forever for a threenager to finish dinner

8. They’ve moved past only yelling only “No” and have come up with a litany of responses: “No. You’re not my friend.” “No. I don’t like that.” “No. You’re not nice Mommy.”

9. Hands on hips is their favorite pose. (And then you realize they actually got this from you.)

10. Just when you’re ready to pull your hair out, your threenager goes from crazy psychopath to adorable child and says, “I love you.”⠀

Chris and I brought home our three daughters – BW, MW and SW – in May 2017. The adoption was finalized on September 6, 2018. We learn each day how to navigate life as white parents to three black girls. You can read our adoption story here.

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