Rule #42: Girls just wanna have fun.

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Girls just wanna have fun. People just wanna have fun, even mommas in their 30’s. This past year, I’ve done a lot of soul searching. You may call it a midlife crisis. Brene Brown would call it a midlife unraveling. But I call it a midlife awakening. As I slowly creep toward 40 (I still

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Rule #39: How come less is always more?

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Hi friend! You’re probably asking yourself, who dis? I guess it has been a while since we’ve seen one another. I’ve spent the past year focusing on less is more, which turned out to be a lot less blogging. But I’m back and hoping we’ll be friends again. For many of us- myself included- the past

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White Privilege

Rule #36: This is America.


This is America. This is my America. This is my family’s America. This is the America I know better than I want to admit. So don’t hit me with your “this is not America” rhetoric that’s going around. Nope. This is the America that we have all been living in for years and years and

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Black Girl Magic

Rule #27: Black history is now.

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5 black women – you need to know – who are making history now. There’s so much when it comes to black history. There is joy and resilience and love. Black history celebrates the past while also inspiring the future. And yet, we so often only focus on black history one month of the year.

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